Ya Providers




Yamaps uniqe feature " every plot or property is the core and the center for all people related to it"


Yamaps focuses on the property and the people uses , searches or services this property.


Yamaps gives the property a live interface on the global map and this interface is very dynamic .


SO one property is connected smartly in one time with its owner, buyer, tenant, renter, broker and all of them are connected in the same time with


all Service Providers 


No more miscommunications between Providers and users any more.


Aprovider can send its direct message directly to the property user and in the same time the property users can communicate with the provider as well.


Not only this ,Providers can see all users and their activities in one screen and scale the situation in one look becuase of the unique color system.


Both Property Users and Providers are protecetd with the smart tailored filter system, and that can let only wanted messages to come through only,no more unwanted messages and lost time.